Hydro Jetting

Extreme Drain and Pipe Cleaning

Have your pipes been getting clogged more than usual? If so, it might be time for more than a typical clearing. We offer a hydro-jetting service for customers whose pipes need a little extra care. Hydro-jetting is a thorough cleaning process that uses a powerful flow of water to remove anything causing frequent clogs in your pipe system.

When we hydro-jet pipes, we use a high-pressure hose that can release up to 20 gallons of water per minute into your pipes. The strong force of water clears your pipes of grease, muck, and anything else that doesn’t belong in them.

We can use video technology to determine what exactly is causing the clog(s), and then we choose the best pressure solution for your pipes. Depending on the size of your system, it generally takes us 1-3 hours to get your pipes squeaky clean.

An added benefit to hydro-jetting is that it does more than unclog your pipes; it thoroughly cleans them. The end result lasts much longer than a common snake-cleaning, and it does more to prevent future clogs.

If you think your pipes need to be hydro-jetted, we can provide you with the best plumbing solution. Call us today at 830-837-5663, or contact us to get more information. We provide hydro-jetting services to residential and commercial customers in New Braunfels, San Marcos, and surrounding areas.


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In the midst of the Strom this week this very professional young man Justin showed up was so professional did their best.

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Call them due mother had busted pipe during the winter storm set up service with them and got next day service. Fast and courteous service

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Used them twice now. Same results, highly recommended.

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