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Connally Plumbing Inc. cleans and clears residential and commercial drains and sewers in New Braunfels TX and the surrounding areas.

The most obvious sign that a main sewer line is clogged is having sewage or waste coming back up through the drains. However, there are warning signs that can help you identify a problem before it gets that far. Being attentive to a few key signs, such as a foul odor or the sound of gurgling from a drain, can help homeowners avoid a complete blockage.

If your sewer or drain is clogged, it may need to be cleared with a professional sewer or drain machine. This machine uses a cable to break through any obstructions as it works its way down the line, unclogging the pipe. While a sewer or drain machine can break up the obstruction causing the clog and clear the sewer line, it is not actually cleaning the entire pipe.

Sewer Cleaning vs Hydro-Jetting

Sewer and drain clearing are different than hydro-jetting. Sewer and drain machines primarily push obstructions through to the main line, or punch a hole in the obstruction clogging the pipe; on the other hand, hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to thoroughly clean the inside walls of a pipe system, improving the overall condition of the line.

If your pipes experience occasional clogs, using a sewer machine is a perfect solution. However, if you find the same pipe getting clogged multiple times, we would recommend using a sewer inspection camera to take a closer look at the issue. From there, we can determine the best course of action for your situation, such as hydro-jetting. (Learn more about hydro-jetting.)

All of our machines and cables are serviced regularly to ensure excellent performance. We prefer Spartan sewer and drain machines for their superior quality and expertise in the industry.

If you are in need of sewer or drain clearing, we would like to help.

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